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Christ Is NOW!7 Groundbreaking Keys to Help You Explore and Experience the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son Today

Based on four decades of research,
Christ Is NOW! is unlike any book you’ve seen.

Using a host of creative formats wrapped around seven simple prepositions, David Bryant equips God’s people everywhere to explore and experience in brand new ways a grander, deeper, more dynamic encounter with Jesus—like meeting him again for the first time! This accelerated awakening to the whole vision of the whole Christ offers our nation the one hope we have of finding true greatness—for now and for eternity.

Hardback, 640 pages. Dynamic four-color graphics throughout. 33% discount for all online orders.

Kindle version will be available from November 22nd.

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    Christ Is ALL!

    Join in the Joyful Awakening to the Supremacy of God’s Son

    David Bryant’s prequel to Christ Is NOW! has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers to the impact and joys of a “Christ Awakening” experience. It digs into the difference between the centrality of Christ and the supremacy of Christ, explaining how and why relating to Christ in terms of his supremacy revolutionizes our walk with him. In the process, Christ Is ALL! analyzes and then confronts the “crisis of vision” about the true greatness and glory of Christ in so many churches today. The cure for this crisis is to gain a much larger hope in Christ for all he is right now. You will learn how to become a prisoner of hope, a messenger of hope, and a vanguard of hope— a Christian who is focused on the presence and power of Jesus as Lord in order to bring a Christ Awakening to fellow believers.

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    At the same site you can order CIA in quantities at 66% discount to help launch small groups in your church or ministry to study what a Christ Awakening can bring to you.

  • With Concerts of Prayer

    Christians Join for Spiritual Awakening and World Evangelization

    Based on decades of working with praying Christians as well as citywide and nationwide prayer movements around the world, David Bryant takes us on a journey to explore the power of prayer and, above all, the power of united prayer. Discover whole new ways to think about how and what you pray as you bring your petitions to God in line with the purposes and promises of the Father for exalting his Son and advancing his kingdom. Just as importantly, explore new ways to build a corporate prayer life with fellow believers right were you live. With Concerts of Prayer, also translated into other languages, has been a key manual for concerted prayer initiatives in many nations across many denominations. It will change your prayer life forever.

  • Messengers of Hope

    Becoming Agents of Revival for the 21st Century

    Hope is a noun, not a verb. Hope is a Person not a wish. Hope toward the reigning Christ is key to every aspect of a vital Christian life. Hope in the reigning Christ is the main igniter of every Christ Awakening—as well as its greatest fruit. Anyone who wants to help other believers abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13) will serve them best by becoming a “messenger of hope” for them. In Messengers of Hope, David Bryant defines such a crucial role, looks at biblical and contemporary examples of it, and lays out a very practical strategy you can use to help create a Christ Awakening movement marked by hope—a strategy based on the acronym: H.O.P.E. This book is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to foster true biblical revival among Jesus followers today.

  • In the Gap

    What It Means to Be a World Christian

    This book has become a Christian classic—in print for nearly 30 years. In it, David Bryant looks at what it takes to integrate the global cause of Jesus Christ into daily discipleship so that our walk with Christ thrives on “world dimensions”—the process which he calls “becoming a World Christian.” How can everyday Jesus followers make an impact for the worldwide advance of Christ’s kingship and gospel right where they live—by how they worship, study Scripture, pray, love one another, and reach out to those around them? In the Gap will give you exciting new ways of looking at world evangelization and how you personally fit into this grand adventure. You’ll learn what it means to catch a global vision, then keep a global vision, and finally, in practical steps, obey a global vision as a way of life. Thousands of Christians have had their walk in Christ turned upside down (right side up?) by exploring and implementing the insights of this resource. Why not you, too?

  • Stand in the Gap

    How to Prepare for the Coming World Revival

    Created to be a major follow-up resource for the gathering of 1.5 million men on The Mall in Washington, DC, in October of 1997 (also called Stand in the Gap), this book takes the teaching of David Bryant’s classic book In the Gap and adapts it and applies it to what is required of every Christian who wants to be ready to enter into the fullness of blessings in a Christ Awakening. David also explains in practical terms how to turn those kinds of blessings into full participation in advances of the gospel among the nations. The hopeful adventure spelled out in Stand in the Gap is precisely what the multitude of men prayed for that day at the largest prayer meeting in church history.

  • The Hope at Hand

    National and World Revival for the 21st Century

    Here David Bryant presents the most creative way to think about biblical revival, which he terms a “Christ Awakening.” Learn why true renewal in the Church requires us to return to a vision of Christ that sees what his supremacy is all about. As David teaches, biblical revival is Christ. Discover why a Christ Awakening movement among God’s people is the greatest hope God sets before us in this generation. Dig into seven remarkable chapters that present what David Bryant calls the seven irrefutable reasons why we should pray for and work toward a major nationwide Christ Awakening—without any fear of being disappointed. Let your heart be ignited with fresh hope in God about what the Lord Jesus is getting ready to do to revitalize believers all across the Body of Christ, including you! Uncover practical hints to help all Jesus followers to start living for the breakthrough that’s truly at hand.

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